Founded 1972

President: Malcolm Moss • Chairman: Mary Boorman • Membership Secrt. Alan Humphrey


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Fri 28 Apr 2017

CDHS e-Newsletter

Have a very happy Bank Holiday weekend and lets hope the weather warms up asap!

Hope to see you all at the Plant Sale on the 6th May at the village market

Opens 10am to 12noon

Donations of plants to sell and any related items would be appreciated on the morning please

We will be at the hall from 8am for donations or you can contact Alan for collection if needed 07870525441

Thank you

Best Wishes

Mary B and all CDHS

ps I am also pleased to let you all know that I have just managed to arrange for The Walled Garden Nursery at Hawkhurst to come to our AGM in October to speak after the meeting about their nursery and current renovations of their many beautiful Victorian Greenhouses where they plan to grow Melons Peaches etc as would have been the case years ago! A really wonderful plan - It is a great place to visit - which now has a lovely café also and many plants and a florist They sell plants and flowers and other related items I will get Oliver to add the details to the website soon x

Wed 12 Apr 2017

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Just wanting to wish you all a very Happy Easter

Lets hope the sun will shine and you can get out in your gardens and enjoy trips out perhaps Tulips are great just now!

Please remember our Plant Sale if you are digging up any plants you no longer need/want or have a glut of seedlings Please remember us and donate them to us to sell on the 6th May at the village market (all left overs will be taken to the Hospice for them to use/sell also - so NO waste)

Thank you all very much

Mary B and all CDHS

Sun 2 Apr 2017

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Our next event is coming up in May at the village market as our Annual Plant Sale 10-12 noon on 6th May 2017

Hoping you can come along and support us and the market

Donations of plants, flowers and any saleable garden items welcome Please drop them off at the hall from 8am or call Alan on 07870525441

Any "left overs" will be donated to St Michael's Hospice for their Open Gardens events - none will be wasted !

Thank you all and hope you are enjoying this lovely Spring weather!

Kind Regards

Mary B and all CDHS

Wed 22 Mar 2017

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to say that I have just learnt diect from the Observer that the aSpring show should have quite large exposure in this coming week's Observer (in both Battle/ local and Bexhill eds) so please look out for that this Friday

Details are also now apparently on the Observer website and Facebook pages already so please take a look and enjoy!

This is very good of the Observer and I am quite excited to see the details myself. It was such a lovely show and I am thrilled it will be now accredited in this way direct

Kind Regards

Mary B x

Mon 20 Mar 2017

CDHS e-Newsletter


ANN Brookes please confirm you received this please Thank you Mary B