Founded 1972

President: vacant • Chairman: Mary Boorman • Membership Secrt. Alan Humphrey


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Wed 3 Aug 2022

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hello everyone

Hoping this newsletter finds you all well and happy and enjoying this fine warm weather

Only problem is the constant need to water the plants daily and sometimes twice daily and carrying cans and cans of water! I can fully appreciate why a hose-pipe ban will come into force shortly in the south east

I was pleased today to pick my first Tomato from the greenhouse - Money Maker variety They have been really strong plants this year so look forward to being able to pick more Reminds me of my dear Dad who always grew this variety many years ago

To remind you all that we now have the Autumn flower show schedule online so please take a little time to see what you could aim to enter - even with such dry weather We would love it if many people could enter the two photograph classes which is something everyone seems to take these days Please take a look at the two themes

Enjoy the rest of this fine weather and look forward to seeing you on 17th September at the village hall

Kind Regards and all Best Wishes

Mary B and all x

Sun 3 Jul 2022

CDHS e-Newsletter

  • Apologies I hit the button too swiftly and sent wrong pic UGH! Will try again SORRY! Some photos are lop sided now which i cannot alter sorry for this too ! Oliver is going to download several more to the website so do take a look onto the website tomorrow or so I am sure he will make a better job of it than I can do ! I hope you all agree it was a lovely afternoon x

Sun 3 Jul 2022

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hi Everyone

What a lovely afternoon we had today to celebrate the society's 50th year

Thank you to everyone who came along and made this vintage party such a success Sadly several people did not attend that were expected but one lovely surprise was Jim Bingham who came along with his daughter Julie It was wonderful to see Jim and hoping he will be able to come to our future events and that his health and mobility continue to improve Well done Jim!

The photos Alan took will be downloaded onto our website soon and they are a very lovely keepsake for us all and for the society's archives.

Hope you enjoy seeing them ( I have sent a few with this entry )

Special thanks go to the wonderful waitresses Jan and Katie who did a sterling job in keeping everyone fed and topped up with plenty of teas and coffees too Thanks so much indeed we were so lucky to have you both at quite short notice

Also thank you to Ann for the amazing floral arrangements she produced They were absolutely beautiful and brought me to tears ( happy tears of course!) It was so lovely to raffle them all at the end of the party and many people went home very happily with the beautiful flowers to enjoy at home They made the hall look wonderful! - Big hugs Ann !

Huge thanks also to Oliver for researching the history of the society well back to 1897 ! The first article he found was reported in the Hasting's Observer He produced a wonderful display of the history of the society for people to enjoy There were some funny interesting things that used to take place in very earlier shows and Oliver quoted one piece in his speech -which he has now downloaded onto the website (alongside my own speech)

The "finger buffet" was splendid and we are very grateful Christina for producing this for us - thank you so much

Finally the special celebration cake made by Caroline Croft was delicious and so many admired it Thank you Caroline - your cakes are amazing!

Thank you again all of you

Hoping to see you again soon

Meanwhile enjoy the rest of the summer and your gardens

Kind Regards and thanks once more

Mary B and all CDHS x

Tue 28 Jun 2022

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hello Everyone

Hoping you are enjoying the lovely sunshine just now and your gardens are in full bloom

Just wanting to remind all of you (those with invites only) that our special vintage Tea Party is happening this Sunday 3rd July from 12noon onwards at the village hall Should be a pleasant relaxing afternoon with a delicious tea, using vintage crockery!

Some people have asked me if they could come in vintage attire That would be so lovely if you are able to dress up around the era of 1972' ish !( or whatever takes your fancy) Lets have a very happy and relaxing afternoon

Oliver had done a lot of research on the history of the society and has located lots of lovely photos and text for us all to peruse - Thank you very much Oliver

Look forward to seeing you all after noon on Sunday!

Mary B x

Thu 2 Jun 2022

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hello Everyone

Hoping you have a wonderful Jubilee weekend

What a wonderful achievement for our Queen - Amazing! Many Congratulations Queen Elizabeth.

Just wanted to say that this weekend on Saturday 4th there will be a village market at Crowhurst village hall and to advise you all that Alan and I plan to be there with a few very pretty hanging baskets and planters that we have put together and which we hope to sell for the society

Hoping you will support us (and the other stall holders) over this very busy inspiring weekend and also that many of you will be at the village picnic at the Recreation ground on Sunday How lovely! Wow!

Kind Regards to you all and Enjoy all the celebrations.

Mary B x