Founded 1972

President: vacant • Chairman: Mary Boorman • Membership Secrt. Alan Humphrey


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Sun 12 Aug 2018

CDHS e-Newsletter

Morning everyone, Oli here!

Just a quick message to thank everyone who supported our Summer Show yesterday, whether it be by exhibiting, visiting or volunteering your time to help.

Given the recent extremes in weather everyone has had to contend with, we were really pleased with how the marquee looked and quality of exhibits we had. Overall, we were down around 60 entries on normal summer show numbers but, thanks to everyone efforts, visitors were still treated to a splash of colour and summer brightness. Thanks to everyone who found a few items to display or took the time to bake or make an exhibit. The show would not have been possible without you!

As most of you know, Mary was taken ill during the morning of the show and she headed home so she could rest. She's still not feeling herself but she asked me to pass on her thanks to you all. Alan and I were particularly grateful to those of you who offered help and support in the afternoon when we were a person down. Hopefully Mary will be back to normal soon.

We hope you can all enjoy the rest of the summer and we look forward to seeing you all at our Autumn Show on Saturday 15 September at the Village Hall.

Best wishes,


Tue 7 Aug 2018

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hello to you all

Just a quick reminder that entries need to be in by 7pm tomorrow please

Can be completed on line ( pay fees on the morning) or drop them off to Jo Crouch or Rita Gower in Crowhurst or us here at Battle by this time

Thank you all so much

Despite the poor growing year lets hope we have a great show and please all have a go at entering something to produce a nice display

Thank you very much

Mary B CDHS x

Mon 30 Jul 2018

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hello One and all

The rain came and thank fully we did not have damage or floods but I hated that wind and so did the plants !

What a really tough year gardeners are having !!!

Just a brief note to remind you that our Flower Show and the village Fayre will be held on the 11th August at the recreation ground

Please take a look at the schedule on line and please be in touch should you have any questions

We would so love a brilliant show- despite what nature keeps throwing at us !

We hope the beautiful flowers and amazing veg will still appear despite all odds this year !

Please remember we ae commemorating the end of WW1 and there is a class in the Craft section amongst others - to make a Poppy Please have a go I so want to achieve my goal of 100 That would be so good Please try As said before you can make them from any medium Mine is from felt

Also there is a fun entry for Adults to make a "Fairy Miniature Garden " They can be great to make and a delight to see

The children's section has also lots to tempt our youngsters including the famous poem " In Flander's Field" to colour in The picture is in the schedule to print off

If you take photos there are 2 x entries for those too ! Not forgetting the Cookery section of course either !!! -Something for all !

Entries need to arrive no later than 7pm on Wednesday 8th August please and can be entered on line direct or the forms dropped off at either Rita Cripps Jo Crouch in the village or ourselves here ta Battle

We look forward for a great show and to see you all there

We need the sun to shine ! It is ordered !

Finally Dave and Sue Bastin are very kindly running the Plant table outside the Marquee for us again Please donate plants and any related garden items to the stall through the morning if possible


Mary B x

Sun 22 Jul 2018

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hello Everyone

I hope that you are all enjoying this amazing Summer we are having. It has been however very hard to keep all the watering going and I have to say Friday's day of fine rain was very welcome to freshen us up and to re-fill our water butts which had dried a couple of weeks ago here ! Plants prefer rain water and I also hate using tap water as I always feel that needs reserving for people !

It is only a short time now to the Sumer Flower Show and village Fayre to be held on 11th August at the Recreation Ground

Please take a look at our schedules online (or if you would like a paper one please let us know) There is something for everyone Not just produce and flowers - which we appreciate may be hard to enter this year but also Photography Craft Cookery and Children's etc For the Centenary of the end of WW! there is " a Handcrafted Red Poppy" in the Craft Section where it would be so good if we could have many entries and I would love to achieve overall 100 entries so we can display these with great pride in respect of this event They can be made from any materials ( I have made mine from felt) The more varied the better !

There is also the miniature Fairy Garden for ADULTS too so please have fun and produce one Or perhaps you would prefer to bake Several classes for bakers too

Please try to participate and help us to achieve a great show for all to enjoy We have a new Trophy to present this year in memory of Dear Syd Smith who died earlier this for "Best Exhibit in Produce entry" (We hope his family will attend to see this presented to the winner)

Please also remember that we will be having an amazing display of beautiful cards, canvas and prints from photographs in the Marquee that the talented David Curtis has taken around Wildlife and Scenery

Come along and take a look You will not be disappointed They are beautiful. David had been due to come to our Spring show but he was snowed in !!! (Can that really be true when you look out the window today!!!)

Regards to you all and please contact us if you have any enquiries

Finally we will be having our usual plant stall outside the marquee Donations Wanted on the morning please of plants produce, flowers and any related items before the show opens Thank you all so much.

Look forward to a great show which cannot be achieved without you all !

Mary Bx

Sun 1 Jul 2018

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hi Everyone

I have never known it so hot here and the watering is becoming really tough! We have around 8 x water butts in our garden and they are all empty now ! A bit concerning - anyway I do hope you are all making the most of it and enjoying the great outdoors

I just realised that the Summer Flower Show and Fayre are only approx. 6 x weeks away ! Please begin to look at the schedule and do your best to try and enter something

A lot of energy goes into deciding on the classes to cover everyone's interests so please try to support us As with the Fayre and church we are theming our show around the Centenary of WWI so Poppies come into play in the Craft sections and children's classes especially Also Paint a Pebble is the latest craze here in Battle and we have this also as an entry so have a go it is real fun !

Please encourage your little ones to take part It is so cheap to enter!

Enjoy the great outdoors meanwhile and all the lovely events in the village and area that are taking place

Kind Regards to you all and please be in touch if you have any questions

Also please remember we have many Gopack folding tables to hire out if an of you are having events(Just £3 per table per day)

Mary B - Chair