Founded 1972

President: vacant • Chairman: Mary Boorman • Membership Secrt. Alan Humphrey


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Mon 18 May 2020

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hello Everyone

Hope you are all coping well in this lockdown and keeping well - At least the sun is shining and our gardens look great !

Just a brief note to alert you to the fact that the Chelsea Flower show would have started today/week if this virus had not happened !

Oliver very kindly had purchased Alan and I tickets to attend for the very first time this year as we have always so wanted to attend However that has now been cancelled very sadly!

However there will be a programme each evening on BBC 2 TV at 8pm if you are interested to watch past gardens There are also highlights from the past in the afternoons to enjoy also

Thank you to Bruce/Margaret and Bob and Frankie for the Tomato plants donated that we needed - Jo also has some small ones for us for later That is magic I appreciate this We will donate monies to the society for these - thank you and we are also trying to plan to have a plant stall outside our cottage for the society funds soon as we have grown a lot of flower seeds coming on and will have some spares

Love and Best Wishes to you all

Enjoy growing!

Mary B Alan Oliver Tim and Jo CDHS xxxx

Mon 27 Apr 2020

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hello Everyone

I am hoping that you are all coping well with this extended lockdown period which is so essential to get a hold of this horrid virus

Hard time for us all but the weather has been so good to us strangely - just as the virus kicked in the weather changed for the best Wow! Those of us lucky enough to have gardens and patios have had the chance to really work on them at this time and everywhere I have walked around my local area gardens have never looked so good Well done !

This year the plants, shrubs and trees all seem to be flourishing well tooo- albeit some gardens /pots are getting dry so have been watering every other day to keep them healthy ( rain is coming soon I hear from the weather people)

Very sadly due to this lockdown we are not able to hold the Plant stall at the village market this month which was to happen this coming weekend

I am so sad and sorry re this as it is so well supported and enjoyed by so many annually

Alan and I will try to sell some from our home at some stage soon for the society but our seeds are not quite ready as yet. I require some Tomato plants ourselves if anyone has any we would be grateful to have some - like Moneymaker best or other varieties

Thank you

Keep well and keep in touch and so hoping to be able to arrange something for the society at some stage in the future

Will keep you posted

Love and All Best Wishes

Mary B x

ps have added a few snaps from our spring garden The Lilacs smell amazing !

Sorry cannot get the pics to download the right way up Sorry !

Thu 9 Apr 2020

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hello Everyone

Hoping you are all keeping safe and well during this very tough time

I just wanted to wish you all every happiness for Easter- even though it will be a "strange" Easter for many of us away from loved ones and friends

The weather has been so beautiful, during the time this horrid scary virus took a hold and thank goodness for that It allows many of us to be outside and enjoy the fresh air and wonderful sunshine at such a difficult time

It has been sheer magic to hear the wild birds singing loudly early each morning until dawn, pairing up and beginning to build their nests Also to see the wonderful spring flowers both in the wild and in our gardens I sheer magic

Keep Safe Keep well and enjoy all as best you can

As always be kind and compassionate to those less fortunate than ourselves and look after each other

Lets hope we are able to do something in the not too distant future with our society Keep growing and enjoying meanwhile Thinking of you all

Please support our NHS and all front line and caring staff and clap tonight VERY LOUDLY and say a LARGE THANK YOU - they are doing an amazing job and risking their own lives everyday for others!

Kind Regards

Mary B and all CDHS X

Sun 29 Mar 2020

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Just keeping in touch at this tough time

We are thinking of you all

Alan and I have been busy in our garden planting up seeds in the greenhouse ( more than we ever done before in fact !)

Have also had time to move some shrubs that have outgrown their pots into parts of our gardens where they will grow better we hope

The grass has been cut - first cut this year I strimmed the edges

We have emptied our compost bins ( have 3 ) that we never had a chance to do last year and scattered this all around With also adding chippings and bark which we had been given and purchased also

I have added more wildlife flower seeds to the small area we have identified at the end of our garden - that we hope will at some point be like a meadow We are following the ways suggested for these so do hope they do grow/establish

Alan has also even had time to dig our veg. patch which will be grow just a few in later but that I also want filled with flowers that I love like Cosmos Larkspur Nasturtiums Marigolds Pansies Asters ( my dear dad's favourite) etc

Once the seeds grow I will start making up pots and hanging baskets - which I will grow on in the greenhouse where they do so much better

I also hope to grow Tomatoes and Cucumbers in the greenhouse (not sure there will be room for all - but will try)

I so hope we will be able to have a plant sale at some point (usually held as part of May village market but ? will go ahead now) We will try to do something when we are able to and keep you posted

The Crowhurst Fayre Committee have decided not to have a Fayre this year - of which we have also been part of for endless years - since our society started We have always been "housed" in the large Marquee on the village recreation ground in August each year This year it cannot happen therefore

We could sadly not afford to hire a Marquee ourselves alone At present this year's Summer show therefore could not take place The village hall is too small to take all the entries for that show BUT please bear with us whilst - (when possible) Alan, myself, Tim and Jo can meet together to look at possible ideas that just maybe later we may be able to set up at some stage? Please watch this space and hold in for us We do love to have shows

and events when possible and meet you all

Please keep growing and enjoying your gardens, little patches and Pots on your Patios etc It is so enjoyable - albeit challenging at times

Keep smiling - be kind to each other - offer help where you can (at a distance)

Best Wishes to you all Please keep in touch

Thank you for all your supports

Mary B et all CDHS xxxxxxxxxx

Sat 21 Mar 2020

CDHS e-Newsletter

Hi Everyone

Have felt a bit sad today when the show would have been running and the weather has been so lovely too ! What a pain

I am sure you all were getting bits ready for the show - as we ourselves were indeed doing

Jo suggested those of you who have access to our FB link - that it would be great to ask you all to add any photos of the flowers that would have been ready for the show today onto the page or in fact any photos of some flowers/plants floral, children, crafts photos, cookery etc

Related in any way would be just great to see/hare with each other

Lets all have a try please to see how many we can get to cheer us all up !!!

Jo and I have already put some on the page and will add more when get a chance

Looking so forward to the pics. and despite this "bug" hope you all enjoy this weather and get outside and somehow enjoy non-contactt Mother's day tomorrow !!!

Thinking of you all and keep safe and keep washing your hands

Kind Regards

Mary B and all CDHS